Stay at home when you are sick. Not the other way round!2017-05-18T14:28:19+02:00


Exhaustion, fatigue or headache count among the common ailments and are due to a demanding working environment that challenges and stresses us day by day. If such disorders persist or come back regularly, even a medical practitioner has problems to quickly track down the causes.

Initially, it is not easy to tell whether a person is simply stressed out or if possibly a disease is looming in the background.

But if such disorders occur frequently in your domestic environment and perhaps are not observed anywhere else, they may be caused by environmental toxins in your living environment.

Varnishes, glazes, chipboards and other building materials as well as textiles, which have direct contact to our skin, can emit toxic substances which we inhale through the ambient air. This results in health impairments that might range from headaches and allergic reactions to respiratory ailments and organic diseases.

Therefore, if you are planning to refurbish your home or build a new house, rely on products which are safe with respect to building biology and contact us for advice if you suspect environmental toxins in your household

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