Let’s call it by its name: formaldehyde

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More information on chemical contaminants and their healthy alternatives

We are committed to education! If you, as a consumer, have enough information, you have the chance to live a healthier live. This means that in most cases, vague fears can be traced back to insufficient knowledge. For this reason, this website will provide you with background information to make you aware of potential sources of environmental toxins in your home. This enables you to investigate a suspicion and simply avoid the use of environmental toxins when refurbishing or building your home.

The delightful news that wood is sought-after again as a natural construction material is unfortunately accompanied by the fact that some players in the timber industry use environmental toxins for processing – although this could be avoided. This includes formaldehyde resins and wood preservatives in low-priced chipboards mainly imported from abroad. For indoor environments, both wooden building components as well as furniture wood can be preserved by healthy, natural substances. In dry rooms, it is even possible to do without any preservatives.


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