Wireless LAN, cordless phones and other busy electrical helpers in your home2017-05-11T07:33:04+02:00


If a power breakdown occurs, we become aware of the impact electrification has on our lives and of how much we have got used to it during the last 100 years. For hardly anything “goes” in a household without electricity. Even the TV screen remains blank. All electric devices, from toothbrushes to telephone sets, emit electric fields to the environment whose impact is not totally clear yet until today. Adding to these are the modern amenities, such as wireless LAN, cordless phone sets, mobile phones and it will not stop here. We all know there is more to come.

But even though the effects of these phenomena on human beings are being discussed quite controversially in expert circles, one message is clear: unnecessary exposure of households is to be avoided. This includes for example the protection of the human body against interfering electromagnetic fields in bedrooms and rest areas or to renounce cordless phones in order to significantly improve the balance of exposure of this kind.

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