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Fujiwara – Oriental Coat (Flüssigtapete, Baumwollputz)




June 2024


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Fujiwara – Oriental Coat (Flüssigtapete, Baumwollputz)


The products submitted for testing are textile surface coatings on the basis of natural fibres for applications in the areas of interior fittings, which are sold under the following names:

Bamboo, Bon, Chow, Donau, Harumi, Kana, Kanmuri, Karin, Keiwall, Legera, Main, Nara, Nami, Naniwa, Pearl, Picasso, Prestige, Reika, Rindo, Royal, Sakai, Sakura, Seto, Silva, Vistula, Vita, Wave, You, Multicolor, Iroko, Dipi.

The liquid wallpaper is manufactured in different material mixtures and color compositions. These are locally mixed with water and applied to wall and ceiling surfaces in a handcrafted design. The enclosed paste is not part of the test.

The test results refer to all manufactured surface finishes.

The areas of application correspond to those of normal wallpapers. The material contributes to the improvement of the room acoustics. This form of wall coating is suitable for objects which are to be erected according to building biology aspects, as the main component consists of natural fibres. Depending on the design, artificial fibres can be added to achieve certain effects.

The material consists of a mixture of cotton fibres, cellulose and textile fibres.

The coatings are possible on all load-bearing substrates such as gypsum plaster, cement plaster, wood-based panels, gypsum boards, pre-coated surfaces and others. Although the coatings can be applied to raw plaster, a priming of the surfaces is always recommended. In the case of renovation coats, the bearing capacity of the substrate must be ensured in individual cases. Suitable products such as primers or insulating paints should be requested from the manufacturer.